Cheese coffee
This amazing cheese coffee, according to the author of the recipe, you can enjoy Lviv coffee houses, is rightly famous for its hospitality and wide range of confectionery. Creamy, rich, refined, it will delight you with its aroma and will wrap a loop of mystery. Do not deprive yourself of the joy of magic, give moments of bliss, and prepare this elegant coffee drink! Thanks for the recipe graNATKA.


  • Coffee natural

    2 tsp

  • Water

    100 ml

  • Cream

    50 ml

  • Cream cheese

    50 g

  • Powdered sugar

    0.5 tsp

  • Salt


Make some strong coffee. To do this: in Turku, pour 100 ml of room temperature water, add a pinch of salt and two teaspoons heaped ground coffee, stir and put Turku on the small fire. Keep the coffee pot from coffee on the fire until, until the surface will begin to form the coffee froth. Remove coffee from heat, wait until the foam settles again back coffee on the fire, repeat this procedure twice. Then put the Turk in the side, add one teaspoon of cold water and cover with a saucer of Turku. In a minute your coffee is ready! This simple technique ensures that the coffee grounds completely settle.
Cream 50 ml pour into a container suitable for whisking, and heat until hot, not boiling. This can be done in the microwave or on the stove. Prepare cream cheese and coffee. Use to make this coffee a creamy melted cheese trays or soft processed cheese. Depending on the region in which you live, such varieties as "amber", "Hochland", "viola", "Friendship", "Happy Cow" and similar cheeses - perfect. Cream cheese - Philadelphia, Mascarpone cheese and Cottage cheese are not suitable. Keep this in mind.
In hot cream add half a teaspoon of powdered sugar, 50 g cream cheese and hot freshly brewed coffee. Fifty grams of cheese - it is full with the top of the tablespoon.
Shake the drink with an immersion blender for ten seconds on high speed.
Cheese and coffee is ready! Viscous, woven of hundreds of thousands of bubbles. Silky and enveloping, like satin! Hearty and very tasty! And this coffee is similar to melted ice cream. Ask for a tasting! If you are used to drinking coffee without sugar, don't put it at all. But I would advise to add sugar, literally on the tip of a teaspoon to unleash the full flavour of the drink. Try to follow these proportions and you will be satisfied with the result.
Pour the coffee into warmed cups and treat your loved ones! Have a nice day and good mood to you and your family!
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