Orange drink
Similar beverages on site a few, one even in my diary. But I'm sure I'll catch you this option. Because it is the cheapest, fastest, most ergonomic... Energy and monetary costs for preparation is minimum as 5 minutes you can easily prepare from 1 orange 3 liters of delicious drink that is sure to delight the entire family. Plus a bonus version with cloves.


  • Orange

    1 piece

  • Citric acid

    1 Tbsp

  • Sugar

    250 g

  • Water

    2.5 l

  • Carnation


First we will prepare the concentrate for our drinks. We will need all the ingredients, except water. Orange must be washed thoroughly. Important: it needs to be tankaram. Tekokare oranges are more juicy and more aromatic, and have less loose inside the white layer under the peel (albedo).
Pour into a convenient jug with the sugar and citric acid. Cut the orange top and bottom and cut it into pieces. The beauty of the pieces is not important, availability of seed, in principle, too.
The longest step of the preparation of the drink: all you need to chop immersion blender. And not just a grind, and as small as possible, in a single dense mass. To the blender was easier to cope with the task - add a little water.
While you will it all grind - time to dissolve the sugar and citric acid. The result - delicious and flavorful concentrate. Then act as you like. You can write in the form of a concentrate, you can pour in 3-liter jar and fill to the top with cold water. Personally, I divide the serving in half and poured through a funnel in 2 plastic bottles, which are then topped up with water and put into the fridge. By the way, concentrate delicious soak cakes. Acid and sugar can edit for themselves.
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