Cheesecake in a slow cooker
The most simple and the most delicious cakes in a slow cooker is, of course, cheesecake. Of course, this is my opinion, which appeared after I made this wonderful dish in my slow cooker Vitek VT - 4214.


  • Cookies

    100 g

  • Butter

    40 g

  • Cocoa powder

    4 tsp

  • Cream cheese

    300 g

  • Granulated sugar

    50 g

  • Sour cream

    60 g

  • Chicken egg

    2 piece

  • Cream

    160 ml

  • Corn starch

    2 Tbsp


All these products we need for making cheese Kaka.
Cookies folded in the package and a rolling pin to break it into crumbs.
To heat the butter.
Mix crushed biscuits, loose butter and cocoa powder. At the bottom of the bowl multivarki you can put a piece of baking paper and lay this composition, tightly pressed to the bottom.
Prepare the filling for the cheese Kaka. Take the cheese "Philadelphia", rubs it with sugar and sour cream.
Whisk eggs in a separate bowl to a small foam.
Add the cheese little by little the eggs and beat again.
Add the cream and again whisk thoroughly.
Through a strainer, add the cornstarch or flour and stir again.
Pour the resulting cream sand-oil dough and repeatedly hit gently on the table to release air bubbles. After that, the bowl to put in multiverse and close the lid.
Put programow "Baking" 50 minutes and you can forget about our dessert. It is very important not to overdo the cheesecake in a slow cooker, otherwise, when cooled it may crack. To determine the readiness of the cake is pretty easy – tap the spoon on the side of the shape: the finished cheesecake should shake the middle (5-6 cm in the center). Off half-baked in the middle. When the cheesecake will fall from the walls, it will be ready. Leave to cool him in the morning, then dessert will retain a tenderness and volume.
Insert into the bowl multivarki a suitable plate, which will go down to the bottom of the bowl, carefully turn the cheesecake and pull outward, then again turn on the dish in which we serve. Decorate the cheese cake can be chocolate and caramel with a sprig of Sakura.
For dessert it is possible to tea or coffee.
I so enjoyed this recipe that I tried something else. In this case, added a layer of canned cherries.. drained from syrup and sprinkled with starch. Turned out even tastier.
This is the same recipe with cherries, but other flower)))
And the next cheesecake I'll put in a layer of cherry jam without syrup))) must Also be delicious. but next time for sure. I fell in love with those pastries!!!
All I drink tea!!! Very, very tasty!!!
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