Recipe borrowed from the wonderful chef Catherine Vitya and I are eternally grateful to the author, because the cake really is ALWAYS brilliant, lush, fragrant and extremely tasty, and look like sponge Bob:) - a yellow one like this, porous (name I didn't change the name of the author). On the site of a great many recipes for sponge cake, but I couldn't with you, dear cooks, not to share this))) in short, you will not regret!!!


  • Sugar

    1 cup

  • Flour

    1 cup

  • Chicken egg

    4 piece

  • Leavening agent

    1 tsp

  • Salt

    1 piece


Beat with a mixer eggs (room temperature to let the sugar dissolve faster) with sugar and salt for about 8 minutes. Weight needs to brighten, increase in volume. Flour screened with baking powder and injected into the egg mixture, gently stirring with a spoon (not a mixer) from the bottom up, the mass is not settled. The dough is ready))
Grease the bowl multivarki butter and pour it dough. Put on the "Baking" on 35 minutes (I multivarka-cooker, and slow cooker author indicated 50 minutes). If you cook in the oven 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees. As soon as the alarm sounded about ready, carefully open the slow cooker, turn our cake into the shape for steaming and leave to cool. Here is a cake turned out: lush, fragrant, porous; height 5cm.
Here's a breakdown. I got 3 layers from one cake. Definitely try to bake this cake - you will not regret!!!
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    Катя Астафьева

    рецепт очень простой и хороший. Вот только я бы посоветывала взбивать белки с сахорной пудрой отдельно от желтков.

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