Snack cake
Another delicious cake from the same choux pastry. For all Sarmanov-Mirolubov site! Merry Christmas! You have a nice and bright!


  • Flour

    300 g

  • Water

    300 ml

  • Vegetable oil

    3 Tbsp

  • Cheese

    200 g

  • Chicken egg

    4 piece

  • Mustard

    1 Tbsp

  • Sour cream

    3 Tbsp

  • Ham

    200 g

  • Spices


Hello! Merry Christmas To You! All the best and Kind! The cake is very tasty, both cold and hot! Give it a try. Moreover, the recipe, as always, very simple and for beginners and those who do not like to cook but love to eat and feed his household) so, let's start. I apologize that from time to time repeat the dough recipe who knew him will miss that part. I repeat for those who only came to the site. 300 ml of water boil together with three tablespoons of vegetable oil. Remove from heat and then boiling water, brew the flour that you previously put in a deep bowl. 300g flour (a little less than 2 cups). Water 300 ml (half Cup). Knead the dough: first mix with a spoon, then gameseven hands (careful, it's hot)
While the dough cools, prepare the filling. Mix eggs, add mustard and sour cream. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Add cheese and all mix
Back to the test. Divide the dough into about 10-12 pieces. I have 12, and to fry I will pan 28 cm in diameter. Roll out very thin, cut the excess
Will heat up a frying pan and fry each pancake from both sides, literally for 15 seconds. on each (white, went bubbles - turned).
Now cover the baking tray with baking paper (not necessary), well, then everything is logical: each layer coat with the prepared stuffing, then you taste or just chopped ham or cooked chopped egg... or mushrooms... or a mince, etc.... in General, at your discretion and taste, and so do layer by layer
The top of the cake in the same way smeared, ham plus I sprinkled with sesame seeds, and sent in a preheated 160 degree oven for 20-25 minutes. Bake until Golden brown. Bon appetit!
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