Fish for salads and not only
Dear cooks! Fulfill his promise! Fish recipe that resembles the taste and smoked fish - in front of you! Everything is simple, easy and affordable. Come, see, comment, ask and prepare. I'd be happy to hear your feedback about the recipe. Welcome!


  • Fish

    1 kg

  • Onion

    2 piece

  • Carrots

    1 piece

  • Salt

    4 tsp

  • Sugar

    4 tsp

  • Vegetable oil

    100 ml

  • Water

    600 ml

  • Allspice

    6 piece

  • Bay leaf

    4 piece

  • Black pepper

    0.5 tsp

  • Husks onion

  • Fennel seeds

    1 Tbsp


Prepare the fish. Take one kilogram of fish. Clean, cut the fins, remove the innards and cut into large chunks, the size of 5-6 cm, I used hake. If you want, you can leave the fish whole, but to ensure that the marinade permeated the carcass more evenly, we'll do the entire length of the fish shallow, uniform incisions. Make mixture for marinating. A good mix: 4 tablespoons with a small hill of salt, 4 teaspoons with a small hill of sugar and 0.5 teaspoon of ground black pepper. Take one tablespoon of the mixture for marinating and seasoning it fish. Then send in the fridge for eight hours. The rest of the mixture for marinating off to the side. Don't be surprised that amount of salt and sugar, all calibrated to the gram. Fried fish is easy to overdo, but boiled, why it always seems salted insufficiently.
Will Nachinaem two large onions into strips, one medium carrot cut cubes. Will wash a good onion peel of three bulbs. At the bottom of the pot or the pot put onion peel, top evenly distribute chopped onion and carrots, allspice and Bay leaf. Onion peel I added as an experiment, solely in order to give the finished fish a beautiful Golden color. The result of this experiment we were satisfied. But if you are not essential, you can miss this step.
One tablespoon of dill seed wash with cold water, wrap in a linen napkin, tie a knot and send it to the pan with the fish. Dill seeds are added to fish broth to nourish its flavor and to give the fish a characteristic shrimp taste. In the end, after cooking, when the fish will marinate in the refrigerator for eight hours, it will have the flavor of hot-smoked fish.
On top of the substrate of the vegetables as tightly as possible to each other put the pieces of fish. Add 100 ml of vegetable oil and pour 600 ml of cold water. More water need not be added. We should bear in mind that our vegetables will give a lot of juice. And the fish when fighting will settle and it will be almost completely covered with broth.
Put the fish on the fire, bring to a boil, add the rest of the mixture for marinating. Diminish the heat to medium, allow to boil for a fish for ten minutes and taste for salt. Remember that our fish stock must be rich. It should have a good feel and salt, and sugar. Continue fighting the fish with the lid slightly ajar for one hour. Ensure that all water is boiled away. If needed, add a little water. I did not add it.
Our fish is ready! Here is how it looks. Already good! But let's not hurry! We send the fish to cool and infuse in a cool place for eight hours.
If you are planning to cook a fish salad, you can take a couple of pieces of fish and divide it into fibers of the desired size.
Pour the fish pieces with a small amount of fish broth and leave them for an hour. During this hour, carefully stir fish slices once. The taste of this fish will be even more intense.
If you want to submit the carcass of the fish guests are so busy with fish bones they had, in this case, divide hands fish fillet into two pieces and remove the Central bone. Then, transfer the fish fillets on the plate and pour it on top of the sauce in which the fish were extinguished. The sauce I prepared as follows: fray through a sieve five or six tablespoons of vegetables from the broth and dilute with the fish broth to the necessary consistence. Put the sauce on the fire, bring it to a boil, add at the end 1 teaspoon of butter, stirred well and cooled.
Now all. Bon appetit to you and your family!
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