Stuffed herring
What's a birthday without a salted herring? Offer the option interesting submission. Plus the fact that to prepare a snack in advance, before the holiday will only have to slice and arrange on plate.


  • Herring

    1 piece

  • Carrots

    1 piece

  • Onion

    1 piece

  • Chicken egg

    1 piece

  • Gelatin

    2 piece

  • Mayonnaise

    150 g

  • Spices


Herring clear, remove the backbone and small bones. It is advisable for the starters to have 2 herring, then you should take with each one herring fillet, in addition to their thick side was opposite to the thin rib. Then ready stuffed herring will look more cute. If there is only one herring, then fold the fillet so that the tail part of one fillet was opposite the part which is located at the head.
Carrots finely chop
Slice onions and greens
Boiled eggs cut into cubes
Soak the gelatin plate in water, squeeze well, add 3-4 tablespoons fish or vegetable warm broth and dissolve gelatin. Mix with the mayonnaise.
In a bowl, mix all the chopped vegetables and eggs, add generowanie mayonnaise and mix well. to rectify of salt and pepper. Make allowances for the saltiness of the herring. Remove in the heat, the filling should be well thicken.
On film put herring fillet, on top of positioning the filling.
And cover with the second fillet. Remember that it is better to cover the thick side of the backrest to the thin rib side. Don't know whether it is clear explained. (See the final photo). Tightly wrap the foil and remove in the cold before serving.
Some of the filling I have left, and I did a La carte snacks - generowania filling, a piece of herring, a slice of fresh cucumber, again filling. Better to lay the form of film, it will be easier to get frozen snacks. Cover film, remove in the cold. When serving cut glass round billet of black bread, spread them with a little mayonnaise so as not slipping appetizer and put it on these grain procurement, pre-releasing from molds.
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