Again, I represent to your attention one of my favorite cakes in Spain. This cake will not leave anyone indifferent, gentle cream with a combination of apples and puff pastry. And this is one of my favorite cakes that I bake in a restaurant husband. And I named it in honor of the Restaurant and that on the cake is the letter/ *e*Esperanza in Spanish/*in Russian-Hope/


  • Puff pastry

  • Cheese

    0.5 kg

  • Cream

    300 g

  • Apple

    3 piece

  • Walnuts

    0.5 cup

  • Lemon peel

  • Pine nuts

    0.5 cup


Apples cut into little pieces and fry in oil mixture (butter+vegetable) and sprinkle with sugar. Apples like steamed and fried
Bake four cake,the oven to preheat to 220*. When I cut out the shape excess dough is removed, it will be useful for decoration. Roll the dough about 0.5 cm thick, not thin. The puff pastry needs to be cut a little to the dough rose exactly.
Prepare the cream: whipped cottage cheese+whipped cream+pine nuts+lemon zest. Mix well, divide the cream into three parts and leave some for coating the sides.
The lower layer spread apples, sprinkle with walnuts. Cover with a second crust-sprinkle with nuts, coat the cake with cream. Can not be afraid that the cream is not enough we have divided into three parts. And so sprinkle the bottom of each cake with nuts and spread the cream. The last cake before you smear cream should flatten a little cake to align. To cover with the last cake and leave the cake to soak for the night,it is not so much saturated as you will sit down,and the next day you can decorate.I decorate sides of cake crumbs and sliced almonds and the top is sprinkled with walnuts and PUT the LOGO of the RESTAURANT. I wish you all Bon appétit and happy New year!
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