Not fond of "Napoleon&a mp;quot; because I didn't like the taste of store-bought and even frightened by the complexity of its preparation, but once you try to cook at home, began to cook it, it turns soft and soaked cake.


  • Butter

    250 g

  • Sugar

    1 cup

  • Milk

    700 ml

  • Sour cream

    200 g

  • Margarine

    250 g

  • Flour

    2 cup

  • Starch

    1.5 Tbsp


Take 2 cups of flour and a packet of margarine and chop them into crumbs, add a jar of sour cream (200 grams), previously salted a little, mix. The ready dough put in the fridge for 2 hours, then divide into equal balls (usually 8 — the number of cakes). Bake cakes, cut to pattern (you can use regular dish) at a temperature of 200 degrees, pre-puncture with a fork to avoid puffing. Cutting cakes are also baked — will use them as a powder.
Custard cream: Take 500 ml milk and 1 tbsp sugar, mix and put on a slow fire, meanwhile, with a mixer, beat 200 ml of milk, 2 eggs, 1.5 tbsp corn starch, milk, heated (do not boil) pour a thin stream of the mixture into the main milk and, still, stir. When the mixture thickens, remove from heat and let cool. Into the cooled cream enter 250 grams of butter at room temperature. Put the cake together and set overnight in the fridge.
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