Cream honey or whipped honey
Cream honey (or Creamed honey) was coined in Canada in 1928. Its technology is quite time-consuming - for this you need to mix the crystallized and liquid honey. And then at certain temperatures for 10 days for 2 hours a day mix honey Veselka. After these procedures, the honey takes on an entirely different state - it becomes creamy, changes color from amber to cream, and becomes more delicate. Now on honey fairs we have it began to appear, and some manufacturers produce it industrially. After this whipping, he does not shrink, does not separate and retains its creamy texture, without changing its useful properties. I'm not able to 10 days without separation stand and stop the med. So I learned about this honey, ran a worldwide network of in search of recipe cream honey at home. Found, cooked, and got a terrific product! Delicate, airy cream with the taste and aroma of honey, but not similar to it in structure. He's amazing in taste and appearance. This whipped honey looks good for pancakes and crepes!!! My recipe is a "home-style" whipped honey.


  • Honey

    200 ml

  • Cinnamon

  • Flour

    350 g

  • Yeast

    3 g

  • Salt

    1 pinch

  • Sugar

    20 g

  • Chicken egg

    1 piece

  • Milk

    200 ml

  • Vegetable oil


To prepare cream-honey need the crystallized honey and liquid honey. If you have all secretariatmolsa honey, then melt it at temperatures above 38-40 degrees and cool. Better whipped chilled to 14-15 degrees honey. To do this, not for a long time to put it in the refrigerator or on a cold windowsill. Now about the ratio. The ratio should be this: 9 parts liquid honey to 1 part of crystallized honey. Parts taken by volume. That is, 9 ml liquid 1 ml crystallized. Or, in my case, 180 ml liquid - 20 ml of solidified
So, both of honey place in the tank where you will whisk. Begin whisking the usual mixer at the smallest rpm
After a couple of minutes shows that the honey begins to thicken, continue whisking. Here you can slightly increase the speed (up to medium)
Ten minutes later you will see the magic! Your honey will change color and will turn into a terrific cream!!! Soft, velvety!
It has excellent structure the air, like thick condensed milk. In the description of the classic cream-honey says he after 10 days the mixture turns into a cream when stored and maintains a creamy texture indefinitely! Cream honey, whipped with a mixer, has preserved the uniformity I only have a week. From what I have concluded - it is not necessary to prepare for the future. Given the quick cooking time, it can be whipped just before serving!
This cream honey is delicious by itself as a sauce for crepes, pancakes, pancakes But I went further - I added cinnamon and stir! Honey-cinnamon aroma of this cream is just driving me crazy!!
Now we can start to bake pancakes. To do this, sift in a bowl the flour and add yeast "SAF-moment"
Same here, add salt, sugar, egg and milk
Stir the dough until smooth, cover and leave in a warm place for 2-3 hours
During this time the dough will increase in volume. It will need 2 times to mix. As soon as it rises for the third time - you can bake pancakes
Classic pancakes in a pan
Or plump mini pancakes on a small frying pan (or crepe maker if you have it)
You can pour mini pancakes cream-honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top
And you can, I, mix cinnamon with honey and pour pancakes
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