Legendary caramel sauce
Do you really never tried the famous Mexican caramel Cajeta? Urgently try! Cooked very easily, but the taste... the Taste is impossibly beautiful. Something between condensed milk and regular caramel. Not stringy. Does not freeze in the refrigerator stone. It can be simply eaten with a spoon, and can be used in the form of namasiku bread, pancakes, cream in the cake, the filling in pies, added to ice cream.. anywhere! Stored in the refrigerator up to 1 month. On the web I have not found the right recipe for this sauce, so the first owner share with you the recipe of this Kaheti. The recipe was brought to me from Mexico.


  • Milk

    2 cup

  • Sugar

    0.333 cup

  • Salt

    1 pinch

  • Soda

    0.2 Tbsp

  • Cinnamon

    1 piece

  • Vanilla

    0.2 tsp


Mix in a heavy-based saucepan all ingredients except soda! Real Mexican Cajeta is made of goat milk. It gives a unique taste. In some parts of Mexico make a mix of half cow, half goat. In Argentina, this sauce is prepared from cow's milk. So the choice is yours! I suggest of course to get goat, but if you are his spirit can not stand, feel free to take a cow. Still tasty will. Cinnamon take solely in the sticks (in the markets you can easily buy in the departments of spices)! With ground I have not tried to cook, so the result is not answer))
Bring mixture to a boil, but do not boil further. As soon as begins to boil, remove from heat and add soda. The mixture starts to foam heavily and will increase, but after calm down and settle)) Again put on the minimum fire. On 40 minutes. From time to time stir with a wooden spatula (every 10 minutes at the end - more often).
After 20-25 minutes the mixture will start to thicken and acquire a Golden color. Don't worry, the pan it does not stick. At this stage, a cinnamon stick take out of the sauce. All the flavors we have already given)
After about 40 minutes you will receive such here a thick sauce. Put the sauce in a jar and refrigerate. And you can eat)
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