Pork in Apple juice with pumpkin
Today in multivarka Vitek 4204-GY I made these delicious chops here, nespeshny Apple juice. Due to this, the meat turns out very soft, juicy, with a light Apple aroma. And garnish the meat to become red-red, showy, in General, this should only be tried!


  • Pork

    600 g

  • Apple juice

    300 ml

  • Pepper

    1 piece

  • Red onion

    2 piece

  • Garlic

    2 tooth

  • Pumpkin

    300 g

  • Spices

  • Vegetable oil

  • Salt

  • Black pepper

  • Greens


Of course, the first thing I will tell you what I'll cook this dish. Is multivarka Vitek 4204-GY. It has electronic control, it performs 10 automatic programmes, has a bowl non-stick coating, as well as 3D heat, by which the Cup is heated from all sides, which makes cooking faster and more uniform. Pleased with removable and washable internal part of the cover and convenient carry handle, and most pleasant surprise, of course, was the mode Yogurt, and special cups with lids. In General, the advantages of her weight, I'm not talking about a comfortable Cup-the double boiler, the spatulas for cooking, a wonderful book with colorful recipes and beautiful design.
We will need the following ingredients. Boneless pork, cut into small chops across the grain and lightly whisk through the film.
Now the most interesting. We need sterile syringe, bigger the better, which we will inject Apple juice into the meat.
Prick them evenly all pieces of meat. Squeeze slowly so that the juice is absorbed throughout the meat. RUB the pieces with salt and pepper and leave to marinate, while will be the preparation of vegetables.
Pumpkin (purified), peppers and onions cut into large chunks.
Turn on the slow cooker in the mode of Roasting, pour a Cup of oil and let it warm up well. For this regime, you watch yourself as if you were frying in the pan, time is not set. Fry the meat on all sides until Golden brown, turning it over several times (about 5-7 minutes). Then you can pour a little juice from the marinade and mode Suppression (about 10 minutes) before the evaporation of the juice.
Now chops need to rest. Remove them and place on a comfortable bowl of a double boiler.
If the bowl is left a little juice and fat after chops, add a little more oil and put the onion. Mode select Roasting.
To the onions add the red pepper.
And at the end of the pumpkin. All fry slightly, add the crushed garlic, herbes de Provence, salt to taste. Pour a little Apple juice (with water) and in-Fighting bring the vegetables until tender. At this time, the steamer with the meat set over the vegetables. So we just prepare the vegetables and heat the meat for serving.
Spread the meat, garnish and greens on a dish and serve it hot.
It turned out very tasty, juicy, bright!
Bon appetit!
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