We all know about the canapés and that they can be made out of anything! But I want to share with you my idea, just as, not what they do) Can someone come in handy))


  • Bread

  • Cheese

  • Ham

  • Cucumber

  • Green olives

  • Pepper


Actually, I want to share my idea. Instead of ready molds for canapés, you can use a conventional medical syringe 20 ml (this is the biggest :-D ) For this we need a little crop top.
Well, then it's simple. The fact that tougher and the fact that we will not be able to cut the syringe, cut into small cubes. Put on a skewer. Soft foods such as bread, cheese, ham and cucumber can be cut directly with a syringe.
Insert the skewer into the syringe and extruded ready kunapuli!:-[
That's already done.
I did 60 pieces of four types. If anyone is interested, I will describe it :-[ 1. Olive, ham, cucumber, cheese, bread 2. Olive, salmon, bell pepper, cucumber, cheese, bread 3. Cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber, cheese, bread 4. Little meatballs, sauce, cucumber, cheese, ham, bread, cheese, cucumber, bread
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