Spectool of mackerel
The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2010 user Kostanic called "Spectool of mackerel" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring". A very interesting and tasty salted mackerel


  • Mackerel

    1 piece

  • Salt

    30 g

  • Garlic

    2 tooth

  • Bay leaf

    2 piece

  • Black pepper


This dish I cooked twice in one fish with an interval of a week. For the first time tried a new dish (just big SORRY for photo quality), second – for mother, for the guests. Prepared with slight variations, which will tell you in the description below. So, cut the mackerel fillet in, i.e. wash, remove the head, tail, fins, guts, again my cut along the ridge into two pieces, remove bones. The author of the recipe suggests to leave the washed fillets in a colander to drain the water, I decided the colander not dirty, just dry the fillets using paper towels. Again SORRY, a whole fish to weigh forgotten, grabbed the scales when it is cooked to add salt – the weight of one fillet turned out a little less than 200 g.
Salt. Here already went to the course my poor but, to be honest, the successful experience of salting fish, as the author of the proportions of ingredients are not indicated (eye, handful, etc. not considered). Wise there is nothing special, a long time ago in an old book I read that the proportion of salt to fish (for soft salted) should be about 1:10, i.e. 400 g fillet you need to take 40 g of salt. I have a fish weight a little less, so the salt took a tablespoon with a normal slide. The quantity of salt conditionally divide into 4 equal parts and begin to proclivity fish: take the fillets and sprinkle salt on it from the skins (1/4 of the salt), put it skin down in a container in which to colitisa fish (enamel, glass and finally plastic container, like me), laid sprinkle fillets with salt from the meat (another 1/4 of the salt), take the second fillet, sprinkle with salt from the meat (again, 1/4 of the salt), place it meat down on the first fillet, sprinkle from the rind with the remaining salt, sealable container, leave to colitisa for 12-15 hours at room temperature (I have it standing on the windowsill). It is better to add salt at night, but if salt is assumed from morning to evening, it is best to put in a dark place to prevent oxidation of the fish. And a few words about salt. Traditionally, salting the fish only need coarse salt (self-other – not iodized), but I never got a clear reasoned response than a bad one for these purposes, salt is fine (if you know the secret, please enlighten). In General, the first time I salt mackerel salt fine, the second time larger. I assure everyone, the taste and the salinity, fish grind salt is not affected, so can be safely used for that purpose "extra". To oversalt the fish will also be difficult, as this recipe uses a method of dry salting and brining and not brining time is limited to a half day, but most importantly...
The next morning we obtain our fish and see that it was still not soluble salt, so the fish should be rinsed under cold running water: without fanaticism, a little bit, just to wash away the excess salt. After the "wash" the fillets again leave to dry on towels (or in a colander), and then prepare the overlay.
In the original recipe, their number also were asked to identify by taste and by eye, to my taste, it turned out: each fillet on a slice of garlic (my garlic is sooo large, small, respectively, for two), on a large Bay leaf and 2 pinches of pepper, the second time pepper didn't put (forgot), it tastes good, but not that. IMHO: pepper needed! Finely chop garlic, Bay leaf break into fine crumbs, all this is distributed evenly over the fillets.
Put the fish in zamorskoe. Folded in different ways: for the first time, as recommended by the author: each fillet in half down the meat inside, wrap each fillet separately in the package or the film a second time just placing one fillet on another fish. In the first embodiment, which is convenient: the "filling" in the curtail not getting enough sleep, get a small "lumps", but when cutting the finished fillet out the large pieces and they thawed longer, in the second embodiment, the main task is to lay the fillet on fillet and diaper him without loss in the "stuffing", well a piece turns out great, but is easier to cut and thaws faster. However, how could we not have rolled fillets in the freezer he will need to spend a few hours, it is good cold.
And then, finally, everything is ready. Frozen mackerel we took out, cut into slices (very sharp knife), what to like, allow to thaw and eat: potatoes, on bread, greens, a glass, and even just.
The fish turned out delicious, tender, melting in the literal and figurative sense.
And a little bit more from myself, the author recommended the Bay leaf before use, to remove (clean off with a knife or simply with your fingers), and conversely, I advise you to break it smaller, and eat the fish with it – I personally enjoyed it so much more. In General, to sum up: the fish is unusual, delicious and fragrant. Soon the holidays and you will have a great reason to see this, I'm sure you will not regret.
Big thanks to the author for this amazing recipe.
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