Cake with cherries in a slow cooker
How not to bake a cake in a slow cooker, never for real baking was not similar to a biscuit. Bought a new slow cooker and tried out the recipe Charlotte, substituting apples for the cherries (simply no apples). The cake turned out real. The dough is not settled, though the cherries sank to the bottom. So I suggest to bake as the original recipe with apples, or like mine with a cherry. excellent taste of the biscuit and despite the fact that cherry had gone to the bottom, cherry gave the original acidity of the biscuit.


  • Flour

    180 g

  • Cherry

    300 g

  • Chicken egg

    250 g

  • Sugar

    200 g

  • Leavening agent

    10 g

  • Butter

    10 g


Here our products.
Sift the flour together with the baking powder, cherries thawed, drain the liquid, sprinkle the cherries 1 tbsp starch with a slide.
Beat eggs with sugar and pinch of salt until resistant foam. I was whipping at the highest speed (I have power 1200W.), subtract the speed gradually added a tablespoon of flour and continue to whisk, until uniform consistency. They will make the mass thick.
Grease the bowl high enough butter, spread with a silicone spatula half of the dough, even out.
Put on the dough evenly with the cherries, it will gradually goes to the bottom.
Cherries spread remaining dough. Put the bowl in the slow cooker, turn on the "Baking", I have the power of 860 W set time (I set 1 hour (even though the book was 50 minutes). Upon completion of the program, left on the heated (without opening lid) for 15 minutes. Turned off the program and left to cool in a slow cooker, with the lid open, then easily moved to the dish.
That's how the cake looks.
Sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Cut into segments, and then to the table for tea. The cake turned out fluffy, airy, but downhill with a nice cherry sourness. It should be noted that the oven does not always get a cake. If you cut into the cakes, can also be sandwiched with cream, and garnished the top for example chocolate, you get the original cake.
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