Ocost pork with peas and lentils
There is a perception that the combination of plant and animal protein enhances the absorption thereof by the body... So that will help him (the body) with assimilation, but at the same time ease the pressure on purse adding to the meat a little peas and lentils. Moreover, the result - yum!


  • Meat

    600 g

  • Peas

    250 g

  • Lentils

    50 g

  • Onion

    60 g

  • Carrots

    80 g

  • Spices

  • Vegetable oil

    1 Tbsp


Here it is, the food set for tonight's dinner :).
Onions and carrots wash, peel, chop and add to the bowl multivarki, pre-pouring 1 tbsp oil.
Wash the meat, dry with paper towel, cut into small pieces. Season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with coriander and paprika (or your favorite spices).
Put the meat in a bowl multivarki, stir with onions and carrots.
Peas and lentils, rinse, put in slow cooker on top of meat evenly. Pour hot water on 1 finger above the layer of peas. Cover, valve to position "closed". Simmer for 60 minutes.
Serve with any side dish and fresh vegetables.
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