Citrus drink-designer
I want to share my favorite summer drink! The drink turns out very saturated colors, nothing cooked, berries and fruits fresh. Why designer? Because having available in the freezer 2-3 kinds of ice and base, you can always enjoy the cool in the heat of a beverage with completely different flavors - one basis, but different ice - try?


  • Orange

    3 piece

  • Lemon

    1 piece

  • Water

    4 l

  • Sugar

  • Ginger

    70 g

  • Water

    200 ml

  • Juice

    200 ml

  • Berry


Wash oranges and lemon, cut into wedges, remove seeds!!! and skip through a meat grinder together with peel
Add sugar to taste (I put 1 Cup) and pour 4 liters of water. Leave for 4 hours, stirring occasionally.
Pass through a sieve or cheesecloth. Put in the refrigerator. Morse is ready! if it is absolutely waste-free production that extracts mixed with sugar (1.5 cups) and put it on the fire. Stirring, cook until thick - this will be a great material for cakes, pastries, buns, and so delicious!
Do very often and always the color is bright and rich!
Ginger ice. Ginger peel, cut into pieces and together with the water scroll in the blender, bring to boil, boil for 5 minutes and then leave for 20 minutes. Strain, pour into molds for ice and put into the freezer.
Fruit-berry ice-Any fruit-berries lay in molds and pour the juice, put it in the freezer. If the ice is needed for a large number of guests - put the fruit-berries in silicone muffin tins and fill with juice.
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