This chocolate-yogurt-jelly cake I made recently for my birthday. To this day the names he was not, but guests came up immediately - "Ladybug"! The cake turns out very tender and nutritious, try it! Well, for me it's debut on the "Scullion. ru", so do not judge strictly...


  • Flour

    250 g

  • Butter

    125 g

  • Chicken egg

    3 piece

  • Sugar

    250 g

  • Dark chocolate

    100 g

  • Leavening agent

    1 pack

  • Vanilla sugar

    1 pack

  • Yogurt

    400 ml

  • Gelatin

    1 pack

  • Jelly

    2 pack

  • Black currants

    0.25 cup


Melt butter, add sugar (125 g) and eggs. Beat with a mixer.
Chocolate melt in a water bath and pour in our dough. Continue whisking.
Flour, baking powder and vanilla sugar mix, sift and add to the dough. Stir thoroughly.
Detachable form grease with vegetable oil and lay out our dough.
Bake in preheated oven until cooked and ready when the cake has cooled, get it out of the mold and cutting the tip (0.5 cm) to better soaked.
The form covered with cling film again and put it in our cookie.
For sleduushee layer take yogurt, gelatin (previously dissolved in 100 g of hot water) and sugar (125 g).
A good beat with a mixer these three ingredients and pour into a form with our cake.
Put in the fridge, and when the top layer starts to "prihvatyvaya" - upload currants. Again sent in the fridge to full hardening.
Dilute jello in 2/3 of the specified amount of hot water. When our jelly has cooled, pour it over the berries. I do this procedure in 2 layers (this svazano that, usually, the refrigerator shelves have a slight tilt "inwards" and jelly is distributed unevenly; the second layer of jelly that defect will hide when we pour it, after turning the form 180 degrees :)). And then - again in the refrigerator until fully cured and it is advisable to leave the cake day.
Well, prior to submission to the festive table to get the cake from the mold and gently remove the cling film. Bon appetit!
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