Unusual mincemeat
Usual components in the original filing. A snack I have tasted in the restaurant "Lucien". And I must say that 4 hours spent in it, our company of 4 people ordered it 3 times. Well, very tasty and original! Normally mincemeat is a cold appetizer of chopped herring, eggs, apples and bread. Here is almost the same, but very nice flow: not just bread, and the land of Borodino bread, and chopped the ingredients collected back almost a whole fish. Of course, as the chef at the restaurant, I can't make it, but it as you can. The dish is, no doubt, will decorate any holiday table, especially Christmas, because the snack of herring is very loved by all.


  • Herring

    1 piece

  • Chicken egg

    1 piece

  • Carrots

    1 piece

  • Onion

    1 piece

  • Cheese

    20 g

  • Butter

    10 g

  • Bread

    1 piece

  • Olive oil

    1 tsp

  • Apple

    1 piece

  • Mustard

    5 g


The herring to cut to make 2 fillets. The tail and a small piece of herring should be left for clearance. With each fillet cut thin layers of herring. As long as the bottom layer will be a thickness of only 3-4 mm.
Cut herring cut into small cubes.
Egg chop small cubes.
Carrots also cut into small cubes.
And cut onion into small cubes.
Combine chopped herring, egg, onion and carrots in a separate bowl and dressed with melted butter.
Add cheese
A working Board covered with cling film, lightly grease it with olive oil.
Spread on her thin fillets of herring, which we have prepared earlier. On herring put the just cooked layer of the mincemeat, making small indents on the edges.
Now close the second thin half herring — just wrap that it was wrapped in our stuffing. Then grease the surface of herring with melted butter.
And tightly wrap in plastic wrap. Remove the workpiece in the fridge for 30-40 minutes (in this form it can be stored for about 4-5 days).
Before serving, take out the workpiece from the refrigerator and remove it from the foil and cut into mincemeat in the form of rolls. You can skip the following steps and serve. I'll try to reproduce the dish.
A piece of Borodino bread to anoint with olive oil and dry. Then grind into crumbs in a blender.
From the remaining piece of herring cut off a thin strip, turn it into a tube and put in it, as in a vase, a sprig of any green. Next decorate the dish with the tail of the herring.
Next comes the crushed bread is the land of Borodino bread. And a BLOB of mustard.
Top sprinkle with finely diced Apple.
And you can just lay the pieces in a circle, and in the center - bread crumbs!
Served our dish to the table!
Bon appetit! And a Happy New year!
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