Cabbage salad
Before, we hatched the whole family salting the cabbage. We had a bucket, ushatikov such. But here's the RUB, to keep the cabbage nowhere. On the balcony it freezes and then is tasteless. In the fridge perkiset. And cabbage we love. The problem was solved when I saw this recipe in one of the culinary Newspapers 7 -8 years or so ago. Since doing the cabbage just for this recipe. Fortunately, now you can buy the whole winter, not that in the Soviet times. Incredibly delicious!!! Many of my friends try it I have got the recipe for service... and I got them from a sea of gratitude. Try it, and I'm sure that you will not stand. As my husband says every time when starting to this cabbage: "once you Try eat right now!"


  • Cabbage

    2.5 kg

  • Carrots

    2 piece

  • Onion

    1 piece

  • Garlic

    1 piece

  • Water

    1 l

  • Vegetable oil

    150 ml

  • Vinegar

    100 ml

  • Salt

    2 Tbsp

  • Sugar

    0.66 cup


To chop the cabbage. Add a pinch of salt and lightly mash. Not much, not to release the juice, and just a little bit that it remained crunchy.
Onion cut into quarter-rings, carrot grate on a coarse grater. Add to the cabbage and mix well.
Put the cabbage in a large pot (I use a five-liter).
Garlic very finely chop with a knife. But in any case do not push it through the press.
Prepare ingredients for marinade.
Boil water with sugar and salt. Remove from the heat. Pour the oil and vinegar, add the garlic and immediately pour in the cabbage. Little stir.
Cover the cabbage with a plate or lid of a smaller diameter and put a light bend. To apply pressure is not necessary, only that the marinade made slightly over cap. As such, the cabbage should stand at room temperature for one day.
Thereafter, the cabbage spread along the banks and put into the refrigerator. It stores well in the fridge, but I assure you, she's not stagnate, honestly... we Have flies very quickly. Help yourself! Bon appetit!!!
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