Quick tomato sauce for freezing
I don't like to deal with conservation - no time for sterilization and seaming; the banks take up lots of space, open cans quickly need to use that product is not spoiled... So trying to optimize this process. Tomato puree I freeze in portions. It is very convenient to add a piece of frozen puree when preparing soup, steamed vegetables, sauce, gravy, whatever! The sauce is prepared very quickly, no need to interfere, be careful not to overheat: real-time for preparation - at least!


  • Tomato

  • Salt


I had one small box of tomatoes - all were put to the test. Tomatoes cut in half. Very large can be cut into 4-8 pieces. Put them in a deep baking pan. In the ingredients I pointed out the salt, but I don't add, if you want to, you can salt.
Trays put in the oven and bake pomodori at 160-180*With an hour and a half.
As long as they do not podelitsya. The goal is to remove from the tomatoes enough moisture to mash in the future was not too liquid.
You can leave the tomatoes to cool directly in the oven. Then wipe them through a metal sieve.
The resulting puree is poured into silicone molds.
I use the muffin, candy and ice. Put into the freezer until complete freezing.
Frozen tomato puree put in a package and stored in the freezer. Take out and used as needed.
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