Refreshed sauce to the kebab
Well, who does not take with him to the barbecue sauces and ketchup? Yes, all take. Improve the sauce that is most to your liking right in nature, while fried skewers.


  • Ketchup

    2 pack

  • Greens


While the guys doing the fire for the barbecue, the women dismantle the bags and setting the table. Of course, we find the sauces or ketchup. We have been here these 2 packages.
Pour on a bag of dog treats or a package (calculated on number of people) in capacity.
Greens finely chop. We had parsley and dill. I am very sorry that I did not take the cilantro and Basil.
Stir. Ready. While the skewers cooked, the sauce is also infusions. A piece of hot meat – mmmm...
Sauce wonderfully complements these and these skewers
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