Who said that in the post you can't eat cake? But you can, if the cake to make lean! I suggest you make a very simple and tasty variant of Napoleon. Cakes we have on the course, and soda water, and cream of semolina with orange juice and zest, such a crisp, citrus cake. Let's cook!


  • Vegetable oil

    180 ml

  • Water, carbonated

    200 ml

  • Flour

    1 l

  • Salt

    1 pinch

  • Citric acid

    1 pinch

  • Water

    400 ml

  • Semolina

    3 Tbsp

  • Orange

    1 piece

  • Sugar

    8 Tbsp


Let's start with the dough. In a bowl pour the oil.
Then pour the sparkling water and add a pinch of citric acid.
Pour the liquid into the flour and begin to knead the dough, leaving about 1 Cup for podsypanina while rolling. The dough should not be very steep, but easily should raskatyvaete. Will ship it in the fridge for half an hour.
Preheat the oven 180C. divide the dough into 7-8 pieces. Each roll out and cut the edges with a pizza cutter and covers (plates), pierce with fork in several places. Sent on a baking sheet floured and bake for 10-15 minutes, until the crust will not be hard, I'm trying finger. Strongly do not overfry.
Here are our biscuits.
Let's cream. Grate the orange zest on a fine grater and squeeze the juice.
Mix all this with water and add sugar. The orange can be replaced with lemon or remove completely and add vanilla or cocoa.
Put on the fire, allow to boil and slowly add the semolina and cook as usual, until thick and cooked. Cream to taste like marmalade, at least I thought so. Try, can to you will seem a little sugar and keep in mind that cakes are not sweet. I do not like very sweet, so always put smaller.
Cream can be boiled until the dough is in the fridge, then he would have time to cool down. My grandma always poured the hot cream cakes, so they quickly soaked, you can try, too, because the option. Then coat all the cakes with cream, and sprinkle crumble last.
Put into the fridge propitaetsya, better at night of course. I cut almost immediately, couldn't wait, the batter crunched of course. But on the morning of the cake soaked already and even a donkey.
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