Tomato gorloder
Do not rush to throw in me tomatoes. Pre-empting criticism, because the recipe is simple, but... what if some young lady wants to prepare the sweets for the winter. If there is a similar recipe, it will remove your necessarily. This gorloder were harvested and harvested all the women in our family. I warn you once: he is sooo sharp.


  • Tomato

    5 kg

  • Garlic

    2 cup

  • Salt

    3 Tbsp


We need a good ripe, fleshy tomatoes.
We wash them, wipe (to avoid excess liquid), remove the core and coarsely chop.
Peel garlic. As I said, it turns out sooo badly. I prefer less spicy throat-rips, so the garlic does not take 2 glass of pure cloves, and 1.5.
Now grind our tomatoes and garlic in any way: mince, or using a food processor or just RUB on a grater. Add salt. All mix well. Taste for salt and, if necessary, doselevel.
Spread into sterile dry jars, close the caps: screw or nylon and placed in the refrigerator. Stored in the refrigerator perfectly. In the year before the last can was eaten in early March. In our family, this sharp throat-rips before use, mix with sour cream. And then with the hot meatballs and potatoes... mmmmm Output from a given quantity of products 5.5 l
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