Homemade Dijon mustard
Recipes Dijon mustard there is a great variety. This recipe I like the most, the mustard is very tasty, natural, without preservatives and dyes.


  • Mustard seeds

    50 g

  • Dry white wine

    25 g

  • Vinegar

    25 g

  • Salt

    0.5 tsp

  • Olive oil

    2 Tbsp

  • Honey

    4 tsp

  • Tarragon

  • The mixture of peppers

    0.5 tsp

  • Water

    2 Tbsp


Mustard seeds (I have, unfortunately, only light), pour water, leave for a few hours to swell. After a while, to put the swollen seeds in a blender, add wine, white balsamic, oil, salt, honey or syrup, a mixture of peppers and chopped tarragon (optional). Leave for another couple of hours (the author writes that it is important for the future of the taste of mustard).
Mix in blender to desired consistency (if desired, this can be done in a mortar and pestle), the taste can be changed by yourself. For a more liquid consistency of mustard to add a little more water. Collect mustard silicone spatula from the walls of the blender.
Transfer to a jar, cover and refrigerate overnight. The next day a delicious mustard will be ready. Ps In other recipes added tomato sauce 1 tbsp and a little hot sauce Tabasco type.
A greenish hue came out of fresh herbs, tomato is the sauce will give a slightly reddish tinge on the photo in step # 3. Still reveal his secret. If seeds are very fresh and vigorous, I add a handful of dried mustard in the pan of your favorite nuts. It becomes very tasty and smooth velvety texture. In this recipe I added a handful of pistachios.
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