Rye lavash
Just two ingredients and make a great pellet. They have a neutral flavor and complement the meat, savory sauces and sweet preserves and jams. Soft and supple, they are comfortable something to wrap or to dip in the sauce, it's so delicious! Perfect for a picnic.


  • Water

  • Rye flour

    100 g

  • Salt


The products required.
Sift the flour and move with a pinch of salt. Gradually add water, stirring all the time, the batter should be cool.
To form a bun and wrap the dough in cling film. Leave that for an hour.
Sprinkle the Board with wheat flour. Cut the dough into four parts. Each roll into a thin pellet. Fry in a dry frying pan for a minute on each side.
Hot tortillas folded pile, and then wrap in cling film. Can be frozen for future use.
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