The lazy cabbage rolls
I have kept up sprouts a young, juicy, just on the cabbage rolls. But it's so hot that standing in front of the stove for a long time to Tinker with cabbage exhausted. Offers you the option well very lazy cabbage rolls. And a little step back from tradition and get a completely different taste.


  • Cabbage

    300 g

  • Minced meat

    300 g

  • Figure

    100 g

  • Sour cream

    4 Tbsp


Put on to cook rice. I took the rice Indica gold put in boiling salted water with a bag of rice and cook for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes take out the package, drain the water and gorgeous crisp rice is ready.
While cooking the rice, cabbage shinkuem. I just salted it, add a tiny pinch of sugar, lightly crumple a hand and put it in a pan with vegetable oil. Simmer for 7-10 minutes. Cabbage young, juicy and prepared quickly. I cook it to a state with little hrustenko. Proportions - at your discretion.
In a separate pan fry the mince. In my part of the stuffing already has a bow, if you clean the meat, add the frying half onion. Added some salt, pepper. Stuffing can take any - I have Turkey.
Combine the mince, cabbage, rice and sour cream. Stir and pour about half a ladle of water or rice-water. You can just add sour cream. Taste for salt, pepper, stew all together for 3 minutes to unite the flavors.
Tomato I decided not to add - it has a completely different taste, creamy. The ratio of rice/cabbage/meat can be any at your discretion. I only have roughly equally.
Here's a closer - like each component separately, but the flavors merged and it turned out very balanced, tasty and easy dish.
Serve, and calls all to the table. Simple, quick and tasty. Everything you need on a hot day.
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