No, I'm not crazy, offering you a recipe of "How to pour beer in a glass."))) Although, looking at the photo, nothing else in the head can not come.))) This dessert would be appropriate not only as a drawing on April 1. It is suitable also for youth parties or even for kids Birthday parties, if you change container)) - a beer glass at the colored cups, for example. Look - will show you delicious, simple, quick and fun recipe.


  • Apple juice

    700 ml

  • Gelatin

    10 g

  • Water

    4 Tbsp

  • Brown sugar

    4 Tbsp


Measure out the amount of Apple juice, heat it to lukewarm in the microwave and stir in brown sugar - with color "beer" is really amber, rich. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Soak sheets of gelatin in 4 tbsp cold water.
Press plate of gelatin from water and add to the warm juice, stir until you see that the gelatin has completely dissolved. If necessary, heat slightly the juice.
Glasses I've previously put in the freezer, it will cool the juice and allow mixture to faster salirophilia.
Pour the juice into glasses, leaving room for "foam". I, in order to profitably present the dish took very spectacular, but a very large glass. In General, the dessert makes 4 servings of dessert for 200 grams with the foam. This means that each glass needs to "last" about 25-30 grams so that there's approximately 100-150 ml of juice from which we will make a foam cap. Glasses of juice put in the refrigerator to jelly faster grabbed. I put in the freezer. The hardening of the dessert can be completely different from hour to hour. All depends on the quality of gelatin and the capacity of the refrigerator. No need to wait until the jelly has frozen completely, it is enough liquid state jelly. Juice in a measuring Cup, leave at room temperature, it should remain liquid and should not be frozen before the jelly in the glasses in the fridge.
As soon as the jelly in the refrigerator will begin to slightly thicken, whip with a mixer with the whisk attachment of the remnants of the juice in a measuring Cup. Juice almost immediately starts to turn into thick white foam. Note the previous photos in my measuring Cup remained 300 ml of juice, and now I got 1000 ml of foam!
With a spoon remove the top layer of foam and place it on the glass. Since my foam was a lot, I just poured the frosting on top of the jelly and put into the refrigerator until fully cured.
The remnants of the foam poured into two mugs.
Correctly once said - ask for the topping of the beer after settling foam! ))) After 5 minutes after I poured the foam in circles at the bottom formed a small layer of juice, from which I concluded that you can do to beat the juice, then pour into glasses and it will split into two factions - the liquid at the bottom and foamy on top. These mugs I also put it in the fridge for about an hour. It's interesting that the foam does not settle, and the dessert can be stored for up to a day for sure. To long-term storage has not survived.))
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