It is not just pickled zucchini, and a kind of "baskets" for the filing of salads in winter, or no winter and all year round.


  • Zucchini

  • Water

    1 l

  • Salt

    50 g

  • Sugar

    50 g

  • Vinegar

    125 g

  • Dill

  • Parsley


We will not just harvest the zucchini, and the "baskets", and even edible, fresh and pickled salads. Also in these "baskets" can be anything baked!
Select the correct-sized zucchini to make them fit into the neck of the jar entirely - justified. Carefully spoon take out the pulp, leaving the "bottom in the basket."
The flesh, which retained the beautiful shape, the same pickle, you can chop and salad then use it.
Put in a jar first, "basket", generously sprinkling the fennel (you can grind or large stems to put).
The remaining space in a jar filled with marrow, cut into slices, them we will use in the salad)))
Prepare the marinade: boil water, add salt + sugar + vinegar = the marinade
Hot fill the jar and sterilize them 10-20 minutes, depending on the amount of banks.
Roll, and then, under the old scheme))), turned upside down, and left to cool (can be covered).
It is very tasty in a salad or simply marinated zucchini pour vegetable oil, or cucumbers... I even baked these baskets are stuffed! In General. at your discretion!!! Bon appetit!
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