Burgers nautically
Hearty and economical recipe from the series "Two in one". Immediately and the main dish, and side dish. In addition, these burgers diversify the menu and very good with children.


  • Minced meat

    400 g

  • Pasta

    200 g

  • Cheese

    70 g

  • Chicken egg

    2 piece

  • Tomato paste

    1 Tbsp

  • Oregano

    1 tsp

  • Black pepper

  • Salt

  • Corn flour

  • Vegetable oil

  • Tomato sauce


Cook and cool rigatoni. In large bowl, mix the mince, it needs to be not fat, pasta, grated cheese, tomato paste and eggs. Salt and pepper to taste and add oregano. Very well knead and let stand for 10 minutes.
With wet hands dazzle small round patties, flatten them and breaded in corn flour, which according to taste you can add dry herbs.
Fry the meatballs on medium heat until Golden brown and bring to readiness on slow fire under a cover. The cutlets spread on a napkin to absorb excess oil.
For feeding I boil in the microwave sauce quality pasta in the manner of ketchup, adding your favorite spices.
Serve the cutlets hot with tomato sauce and seasonal salad.
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