A great sauce is perfect for meat, fish, poultry, side dishes from potatoes and pasta, and about bread is very tasty!


  • Plum

    2250 g

  • Pomegranate juice

    100 ml

  • Sugar

    200 ml

  • Salt

    2 Tbsp

  • Greens

    75 g

  • Garlic

    10 tooth

  • Peppers red hot chilli

    2 Tbsp

  • Vegetable oil


Plum my. Put in a pot, pour juice. Put on to cook on high heat until boiling, then turn down, stirring occasionally.
Cook with the lid closed (hereinafter the same cook covered pan) until then, until the plums won't get too soft, I have it took 23 min.
When the berries fall apart it is necessary to grind through a sieve.
Then add salt and sugar. Put on to cook on a medium heat. After boiling, cook for 15 min. Stir occasionally.
Meanwhile, wash, cut greens. Clean, grind the garlic.
Once the sauce with the sugar and salt posipal 15 minutes, put in a pan of garlic, herbs and pepper. Cook for another 15 minutes stirring occasionally.
Spread on sterile jars. On top pour a little vegetable oil (I'm not boiled, not progulivala) that the sauce was covered completely.
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