Steam orange-banana muffins
Why to make scones, if you can weld it? Gentle, mild, orange-banana flavor. And then the buns to decorate and transform into cakes. Fast and easy.


  • Orange juice

    250 ml

  • Banana

    1 piece

  • Brown sugar

    100 g

  • Vegetable oil

    50 g

  • Semolina

    100 g

  • Soda

    0.5 tsp

  • Flour

    400 g


Set of products for bread. Orange juice You can squeeze fresh oranges, or take the prepared juice out of the box, but good quality. I have used a ready-made juice. Sugar I took the brown lump from the Mistral, the sugar put in juice and give a little stand, of the sugar is dissolved, and a part of sugar left pieces, it gave a special flavor to the rolls. Vegetable oil, take it to your taste that you like. You can experiment with butter and it will give flavor to the rolls.
Mix orange juice, brown sugar and banana, broken into pieces.
Add semolina.
Add baking soda, she will sagacity in acid orange juice.
Add the flour and knead soft elastic dough. Dough long knead - have reached the desired consistency and knead discontinued. If you long to knead, the dough will be tough and tasteless.
Ready divide the dough into rolls 50-60 g. Rolls round rolls and put in the steamer, pre-greased with vegetable oil.
It turned out a steaming rolls.
Bun cook 60 minutes until tender.
Scones are done. Soft, tender, flavorful, delicious.
Part of the rolls I decided to decorate and make cakes. 1 Cup vegetable whipping cream and 70 grams. sugar beat until cream. To isolate the muffin cap of herbal cream from pastry bag.
From ready-made sugar mastic into molds of fine jewelry and to decorate biscuits.
That's what happened.
And this gingerbread couple... but that's another recipe. In the steamer you can cook a lovely delicate pastries.
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