Beets with garlic
Well, who of You loves the beet salad with garlic and walnuts, or both together, dressed with mayonnaise? I think there are, but not many. Those who don't like beets or who are not acute. Do not swear, but we do, it is undesirable to have mayonnaise and I try where possible to replace it. Just ran the beets with garlic natural yoghurt with mustard, and a splash of lemon. And once Ostap suffered... What happened to judge You. But my husband said on the occasion the only way! Well, awesome tasty came out. Prepare so the second time, the first was on trial and the photos do not do. Only beets cut in cubes, and liked it both ways. Eat it?


  • Beets

    2 piece

  • Paprika sweet

    1 pinch

  • Rosemary

    1 pinch

  • Mint

    1 pinch

  • Mustard

    1 tsp

  • Vegetable oil

    2 Tbsp

  • Beets

    2 piece

  • Cheese

    200 g

  • Garlic

    1 tooth

  • Walnuts

    1 handful

  • Lettuce

    3 piece

  • Baguette

    5 slice


Beets baked or boiled. Peel, cut into thin rings or thin wedges, grated rubbing is not necessary, beets will pre-marinate.
In the container in which to marinate the beets, sprinkle the mint, rosemary and paprika.
Add the mustard, salt and pepper, mix thoroughly.
Mix with beets, marinate for 10-24 hours. I marinated the day.
Then the beets drain in a sieve, so that the excess oil glass.
Soft cottage cheese add chopped garlic, some beetroot oil, carefully grind.
Then put layers or bowl, or plate. If using cooking rings, a layer of beets
Layer cottage cheese with garlic
And so on, on top of beets
Baguette cut into thin slices, dry the pan
To remove the ring, decorate as desired with nuts, lettuce and croutons.
The usual salad can be transformed into a festive dish.
Bon appetit!
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    larysa shevchuk

    вечно что то выкручиваете

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    larysa shevchuk

    что за хрень

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