Cupcakes to a couple of
I admire the bright and unique Malaysian cakes, so this time are unable to pass these sponge cupcakes. Especially such beautiful cupcakes when using the batter of bright colors, they remind me of blooming flowers. Turned out they have me only at the second attempt when cooked it is important to accurately weigh and measure all products (if the dough will be thinner than the cake does not crack). These cupcakes I made using multivarki Vitek VT-4205 VK.


  • Sugar

    150 g

  • Flour

    150 g

  • Chicken egg

    1 piece

  • Leavening agent

    1.5 tsp

  • Coconut milk

    100 ml

  • Vanilla

    1 piece

  • Cocoa powder

    3 Tbsp


In the bowl multivarki pour 400 ml of water.
Then put the bowl for cooking for a couple (if a little water will fill the bowl, nothing terrible). Include slow cooker on the "Cook" until the water boils.
At this time, prepare the cake batter. Eggs well whipped with sugar using a mixer.
Add coconut milk, vanilla, ground is still a little whipped.
The flour sifted with the baking powder
And add to the egg mass, gently stir with a spoon.
Divide the dough into 2 equal parts, one add cocoa powder, mix well.
Now prepare forms for cooking muffins. Paper cups for cupcakes, you need to invest in silicone bakeware, so the form will hold, and boiling water will not soak the cups.
Using a teaspoon spread alternately white and brown dough.
When the water in the slow cooker is boiling, lay out the form with the dough in the bowl for cooking for a couple. Cupcakes cook with the lid closed, the program "a couple".
Here are get interesting cupcakes! Bon appétit!
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    Наталья Яхимович

    Не указали, сколько времени нужно для выпечки.

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