Turkish parsley dip
Simple, but very tasty dish. In fact this is a meze – one of the many Turkish appetizers are served at the beginning of the meal. It can be spread on bread. Also delicious with roasted meats and fish and as a dressing for salads.


  • Yogurt

    200 g

  • Parsley

    1 coup

  • Garlic

    2 tooth

  • Lemon

    0.5 piece

  • Paste tahini

    1 Tbsp

  • Olive oil

    3 Tbsp

  • Peppers red hot chilli

  • Salt


Our products required for cooking. If there is no tahini paste, then take the sesame seeds, polarity and RUB them in order.
With half a lemon to remove the zest and squeeze the juice. Parsley chopped with a knife. Put yogurt in a bowl. Add the parsley and the lemon peel.
Grate the garlic and spread on parsley. On top sprinkle with lemon juice. Add the tahini paste.
Mix well and season with salt to taste. Let stand about 10 minutes.
When serving, pour oil and sprinkle red pepper.
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