For the sake of them are ready... forget the recipe for my favorite oatmeal cookies! Declare them my FAVORITE cookie! Don't even know what they are more useful or tasty... crispy crust, soft and tender on the inside... Mmm... I Invite You to enjoy my little tikvica)) By the way, they have no eggs, no butter, lean (if you don't decorate them like I did), pumpkin (but she's in the cookies not there, just gives a nice rich color). Help yourself!


  • Pumpkin

    200 g

  • Oat flakes

    60 g

  • Sugar

    70 g

  • Vegetable oil

    125 ml

  • Flour

    190 g

  • Soda slaked vinegar

    1 tsp

  • Salt

    1 pinch


Clean and boil the pumpkin. I did the pumpkin in the steamer for 10 minutes – enough. Grind it to puree.
Oatmeal fry and...
... a little chop.
Mix pumpkin puree, sugar, vegetable oil.
Beat with a mixer (about 2 minutes), the mass was homogeneous. Add hydrated soda and a pinch of salt, stir.
To sift the mass of the pumpkin to the flour, add oats, mix thoroughly. At this stage you can not limit your imagination and add to the dough nuts or your favorite dried fruit.
The dough (as for me) VERY tasty, barely stopped yourself not to eat )) it is Worth noting that it is not only delicious, but also very pliable! A pleasure to work with. By the way, you can make them with filling! For example, the same cheese will be there very relevant.
Line a baking tray with baking paper, with your hands to form balls (walnut size). Bake in a preheated oven at 175 degrees for 15-17 minutes. Allow to cool.
All! Ready! Bon appetit!
And this decoration options: with cheese (I have cheese 0% fat, cream 15%, sugar powder)
The lean version (dusted with powder)
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