After reviewing all of the options of cake, exactly according to GOST not found! First and main, but little-known secret - the inside of the Potato should be light. It was then that she fully justifies its name. But for many years these cakes are made with cocoa, for a very prosaic reason - to hide poor quality, burnt biscuit. And secret number two - these brownies inside should be structured and not be a smooth homogeneous mass (which is obtained when a mixture scroll through a meat grinder). It was then they are much more palatable. And the good thing is that for us, these rules may not be easy, as the biscuit we bake ourselves. Source: Irina (chadeyka) with LJ.


  • Chicken egg

    3 piece

  • Sugar

    90 g

  • Flour

    75 g

  • Starch

    15 g

  • Butter

    125 g

  • Powdered sugar

    165 g

  • Condensed milk

    50 g

  • Alcohol

    4 tsp

  • Cocoa powder

    80 g


Beat egg yolks with sugar (two-thirds) in the sticky light cream.
Beat egg whites until stiff peaks and add remaining sugar, beat until density, good.
And mix the whites with the yolks.
Add the sifted flour and starch. Stir movements upwards from the edge to the center.
Pour the batter on a baking tray on baking paper and bake for 12-15 minutes at 200C.
The finished cake to cool, let stand overnight or more mangled pieces.
To scroll in a blender until fine crumbs. Pour it into a large bowl.
Prepare cream: beat butter with powdered sugar until you get fluffy, easy and light weight.
Add little by little without stopping beating, the condensed milk. Postpone a teaspoon of cream in kornetik with a smooth nozzle.
Spread the cream to the crumbs, add a dessert spoon of rum and brandy.
All knead well to gaining mass, from which you can sculpt.
Blind from her 10 cakes in the form of potatoes. Roll them in a mixture of cocoa powder and powdered sugar (one teaspoon with a slide).
Give the lie and roll again. Make indentations in the cake (e.g. with a pencil) and squeeze out the cream in the form of germs. Chill in the fridge for an hour.
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