The two brotherly Nations United forever... somewhere I heard these words, whether in song, whether still where, I do not remember, old, probably was... But the taste of this cake is impossible to forget, he absorbed as a memorable childhood pictures of the primer, something warm and happy, the few, and maybe even more than now, gustatory delights, those festive bright days of childhood For me... since then, every holiday, when I brought the cake, seemed a lot bright and delicious and always looking forward to the minute, well, when will start to cut into this yummy. Now sold a great variety of products (hard to find another word) by that name, but all the pathetic copy of one or the other company, well, I'm not going to say 100% that it is Kiev cake, as it is very difficult to reproduce at home what was produced at the factory, so call modest - "KIEVAN RUS", painfully liked the name, but the taste...


  • Chicken egg

    7 piece

  • Sugar

    500 g

  • Corn starch

    4 Tbsp

  • Cocoa powder

    2 tsp

  • Cashews

    200 g

  • Milk

    200 g

  • Butter

    300 g

  • Cognac

    1 Tbsp


For this cake, you don't need a lot of food, the main ingredients are eggs and sugar, and some additives. For making cakes (two layers 28cm) and cream Charlotte.
When you have it all there, then you can safely proceed to the process.
Layers of meringue, a little small but useful rules... First prepare the nuts, spread on a baking sheet, add a spoonful of sugar, a little water, and bake it in the oven for a few minutes, as an option, and you can roast in a pan.
Take proteins (there are two options - either cold from the fridge, or at room temperature). Put whites in bowl of mixer, add the whispers salt. It is important that the mixer bowl was wiped dry and degreased, it is preferable to use a mixer with a metal bowl... If you have a bowl mixer plastic, it is better to wipe the bowl with a slice of lemon (if you have a metal bowl, then it is enough just to wipe "dry" ). The whisk must also be dry and it can also be cleaned with lemon. Begin to whisk the egg whites gradually increasing the speed until a stable foam, and then small portions are starting to fill up sugar and after each "filling" waiting for 1-2 minutes or until sugar is dissolved. The speed of the mixer should be at max... And that's how we are working until we have dissolved all the sugar, and the weight will not stand "at attention". The entire procedure takes approximately 10-12 min.
Our dough meringue is ready and it is necessary (and in our case, since we are talking about "Kiev"), add the cooled nuts and powdered, and the starch... manually Added.. already prepared protein mass... Gently, most gently, stirring method of "storage" (drawing "8" from the bottom up).
Now prepare the form under the meringue, the better, of course, when there are two identical split form,
then the cake is not cut in half (dreary affair, I want to tell you), and bake alone even motorna, so that the output of two or two forms or on a sheet of parchment draw the configuration of the layer that you want to see, turn around and distribute the dough as shown. Put the mass on a baking tray and flatten (better to do it with a special spatula (by the way, is an indispensable thing in the pastry case)).
Oven already heated to 155-160 gr. Put the pan, I use a mode "turbo". The first 10 minutes bake at a temperature of 160., then reduced to a 135-140 gr. and bake for like 10 minutes, and then 2-2.5 hours bake at 100-110 degrees.
As to the readiness of the cakes there is still plenty of time, now you're making the cream In a suitable container mix the sugar, yolks and milk.
Then boil on low heat (or in a water bath), stirring constantly until the mixture starts to boil (until bursting bubbles), be warned - a little gape and get a sweet omelet for dinner.
Immediately remove from heat (it is advisable to put in a bowl with cold water (you can even in a bowl of water to fill the ice). This is done in order to stop the process of further "brewing". When checking for a thick hot creamy mass must not merge. Give good weight to cool.
Softened to room temperature butter place in bowl of mixer and whisk, gradually adding cream mixture. Add a tablespoon of brandy. Whisk cream until until it becomes fluffy and smooth.
Cover with foil and send it while the rest in the fridge.
Switch off the oven and leave it Korzh for a while. Pre-check if the cake dousen a very easy (warned not to "crack his head") the tapping produces a "thud" and falls off the paper.
Cakes baked and cooled, remove the paper from the cake and let's build the cake.
To trim the cake (instead of the usual knife I would advise you to use a bread blade, or in the worst case a large sharp knife). Grease the bottom cake with light cream.
Put the second cake and remaining cream, mix with a teaspoon of cocoa, spread it with chocolate cream. Lubricate the sides of cake. To cover the sides butanol crumbs or ground nuts.
Put the cake in the fridge. Before you eat, give the cake to stand for 10-15 minutes at room temperature.
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