Pepper salt
Was looking for the recipe of pickled pepper. In the search engine nothing about the pepper! This is a recipe my mother in law and the first recipe on the Cook!


  • Pepper

    2 kg

  • Salt

    2 cup

  • Dill

  • Garlic

    4 tooth


Pepper to wash, pierce in several places with a fork. The testis not removed. Add to the pot or bucket, shifting dill umbrellas and sliced garlic
In cold water add as much salt to get out the raw egg. Fill pepper, to put oppression.
After 3 days, the peppers will soften and it can be shifted to the banks under the plastic cover. Brine to leave a little pepper "drinks" the brine will need to fill up in the jar. Then down to the basement for the winter.
Well you can try!
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