Want to share a recipe for a refreshing and delicious alcoholic drink with a long pleasant bitter, minty aftertaste. I foresee a question – why to reinvent the wheel if there is already a recipe for a divine cocktail. The point is that they are ideologically close, but quite different in taste and cooking principle. Cook this brew, you get a wonderful fizzy soft drink of natural fermentation without the use of soda and rum. Bon appetit to all!!! p. s. The brew is quite acidic. Sugar, if desired, can be added to the finished drink.


  • Strawberry

    1 kg

  • Mint

    176 piece

  • Lime

    2 piece

  • Brown sugar

    1.5 cup

  • Yeast

    7 g

  • Water

    4.3 l


Products. / The recipe is to make 4 liters of beverage./
Remove the mint leaves from the twigs, put them in a bowl, place half of the sugar, pour lime juice and without fanaticism rubs with a fork. Our task is to get the leaves to let the juice. Bowl until set aside.
Opolaskivaniem strawberries off her greens, crumble into the pan and press with a fork. In the course of throw away the bad and eat the most beautiful. We get about 800 gr. prepared strawberries. There also send chopped with peel of limes. It is clear that you can just scroll through the whole thing in blender, but I'm afraid in this case the drink will be difficult to strain. Put in a saucepan the remaining sugar, pour water, bring to a boil and switch off.
Wait until the water in the pot has cooled enough to not burned /about an hour/ and put in it the contents of the bowl with mint. Do this in order to mint not overcooked, and the drinks were formed it the smell of fresh mint. Wait until the water in the pan is almost cool /30 degrees/. Sprinkling on the surface of dry yeast. Lockable lid /not sealed/. An hour and a half the yeast already formed and to disperse the foam. Now calm the whole thing stir, cover and forget for a day.
A day strain the kvass through cheesecloth, poured into plastic bottles, tighten the lids and leave at room temperature for another eight hours. Next, remove the fridge and give it brew for two days. A delicious drink is ready! Served with or without ice. Bon appetit to all!!!
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