Beet kvass
Bright, unusual and useful. Kvass from beet or beets! Consumption of beet juice and drinks from it cleanses our body from all the harmful and unnecessary, and lent our souls.


  • Water

    3 l

  • Brown sugar

    150 g

  • Beets

    1 kg

  • Salt


For cooking you have to prepare the following products.
A nice beet, huh wash, peel and cut into medium-sized pieces.
Lay beets in a jar, add sugar. I used cane sugar company Mistral, as this will give additional flavor and help to the best of our fermentation kvass. Pour 3 liters of warm boiled water, cover and leave.
Leave the room (but not battery) to ferment 5 days. Here is the process - 3-4 days - is ppm.
The finished product strain through a sieve, to cool. For the consumption of the brew, you can pour in a jar of water. The taste was interesting and unusual. And the color... what can be in the soup to add..
Bonus idea - approaching Easter Sunday - Easter!!! usually, in addition to onion skin, the range of natural dyes exhausted. I propose the idea and put the egg in our beet kvass, adding a bit of vinegar, leave for the night. In the morning, get an egg!!
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