Homemade grape juice
This year we have a bumper crop of grapes, therefore, realizing that everything is not to eat, you have to find ways to "fight" with him. So I decided to make homemade grape juice. The result is very pleased, so I decided to share with You, the cooks. Anyone interested, please!!!


  • Grapes

    7 kg

  • Sugar


So let's begin the production of our juice. Take the grapes, which taste You like (I have green), rinse it my.
In a saucepan interrupts they look so bad is not horrible.
Then, remember the movie in which the grapes are pressed with feet))), and who than the, we press the grapes. I pressed hands. It turns out that such "compote".
Then I through a sieve drain the juice.
After using cheesecloth as a filter, filtered juice.
Pulp, because it had plenty of juice, parts, put in cheesecloth (this step is not very greedy can skip).
And once again squeezed.
That's what happened. This beautiful green juice.
Next, I decided to walk so to walk and did all the same procedure with the black grapes.
The result here is a juice. Yes! Color of course left much to be desired.
Here, "Ostap suffered", and I mixed both juice. Here is the result.
Put the saucepan with the juice on the stove and on very low heat, with the lid closed, heated it for 30 minutes. (This process is a bit similar to pasteurization). At this stage you can optionally add sugar to taste. I did not add it because I like sweet and sour grape juice. During the heating of the formed "skin", remove it with a spoon. All of it certainly not comes off, but that's not scary. After 30 minutes, remove juice from heat and cool.
Here's our juice. At this stage, if you do not plan to keep it long you can stay, pour it into bottles and enjoy. If you plan to store the juice, then again on slow fire heated the juice 20 minutes, at the end add ascorbic acid - 1 tsp per 6-liter pot, pour in sterilized banks, roll, flip, cool and enjoy the natural grape juice later in the winter.
Here is the result of my labor.
Turned out very tasty juice, which felt it grape flavor and not something similar like in store-bought juices.
Isn't she a beauty! Yes, not transparent!
But unrealistic delicious!!! Try it!!!
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    Злата Ткач

    Рецепт очень интересен!Спасибо за любезность

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