Millet porridge with pumpkin
Yes, on the website there are similar recipes, but unfortunately, without a photo. Cleans the winter supplies, including pumpkin, so dare to again put this wonderful, healthy porridge.


  • Pumpkin

    200 g

  • Millet

    0.333 cup

  • Raisins

    0.333 cup

  • Milk

    1.5 cup

  • Salt

  • Sugar

    1 Tbsp

  • Brown sugar

    1 Tbsp

  • Butter

    50 g


Pumpkin cut into slices, pour hot water and boil 10 minutes. Then drain the water, pumpkin blend. (some prefer slices of pumpkin in the porridge, but my love is so).
Millet rinse thoroughly with hot water (to clean water), pour the milk, add salt and sugar, mashed pumpkin and raisins and
... cook until thick porridge. It took me 15 minutes. The stove off in the cereal, add the butter, a pan cover with something warm and leave for 10 minutes. Before serving, add in the cereal, kandis, it gives an interesting hrustenko (and sweetness, of course).
Optionally, you can add in the cereal, nuts, fruit, seeds. One serving is approximately 260 calories.
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