Our family have great respect for this salad, so required stuff as it is every year. The recipe, tested for years, passed from my grandmother to mother and then to me. Very organic flavor, moderately sweet, without the excess oils, with natural and intense flavor of pepper. All of my friends, once you try Kefir for this recipe, now I cook just for him. Try it and you!


  • Tomato

    3 kg

  • Pepper

    4 kg

  • Garlic

    2 piece

  • Salt

    2 Tbsp

  • Sugar

    0.5 cup

  • Vegetable oil

    150 ml

  • Vinegar essence

    1 Tbsp


I must say that salad this recipe is as close to natural taste, despite the fact that the recipe has vinegar and vegetable oil. In the finished salad they absolutely not felt, and ignorant people trying this salad, do not guess about their presence there. But these ingredients are essential to the taste of Dishes was more organic and the salad is better kept at home. In addition, the Internet has a lot of recipes with lots of oil, I believe that its excess just degrades the taste. And sugar a put a whole glass of even smaller amounts of food (this sweetness too overly interrupts the aroma and taste of pepper). So the ingredients we'll need (all products are covered with stalks and seeds): tomato cut into pieces (3 kg), peel garlic (2 heads) and pepper exempt from seeds (4 kg).
Tomatoes them through a meat grinder. Varieties is better to take not very meaty (some "Dolci"will not work, because the juice in them very little), it is better to take a regular, round tomatoes. Tomato mass is poured into a large pot with a volume three to four times higher than tomato. Put on medium heat, allow to boil and boil 20 minutes, stirring occasionally and removing the foam.
Pepper cut in half and each another 4-5 parts. This time I colored peppers (green, yellow, red and even purple), the priority, of course, to use a red pepper, so the Furniture will look more beautiful, and the red pepper taste is more sweet. But colorful, too bad, the main condition that the peppers were thick-walled. It depends on half of the success of this salad.
After 20 minutes of boiling tomato mass, add to it 2 tablespoons with a small hill of salt, 150 ml of vegetable oil without smell and 0.5 cups of sugar (Cup to photo 280 ml) (if you weigh on the kitchen scales it's 130 grams of sugar) (if measure by spoons, it is NO SLIDES 9 tablespoons of sugar). Stirring occasionally, allow to simmer for 5 minutes.
Then in the tomato mass, add the whole pepper. Should not be afraid that the peppers at first glance will be in 2 times more than tomato. So it should be! Gradually the pepper, which is at the bottom, begins to warm up and give juice.
Wait 10 minutes (after laying the whole pepper) and gently with a large spoon stir the pepper from the bottom up, wait another 5 minutes and mix again, then another 5 minutes and mix again. The process of "immersion pepper in the tomato mass" should not take more than 20 minutes!
It took 20 minutes, the peppers gave the right amount of juice, some Uvarov and fully immersed in the tomato pulp (the photo of the peppers I crushed with a spoon to evenly pepper was in tomato sauce).
As soon as the pepper donkey on a par with the juice, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar 70%. Again, vinegar in this Lecho you will not feel, but it does need the salad was saved successfully at home (I keep in regular Cabinet). Since adding the vinegar takes 15 minutes and cook everything on medium heat, stirring occasionally.
Meanwhile, them 2 heads of garlic in a meat grinder (I do this on stage, twisting tomato pulp, i.e., after the tomato twist garlic in a separate bowl, cover with cling film and put into the fridge) and add to the pan (garlic can not add, but it is much more aromatic it turns out). Boil another 10 minutes.
Banks by this time should be already prepared (washed and pasteurized). For salads I use this head on the neck (nothing is spilled past), but you can do without it. After the last 10 minutes of the boil immediately begin to decompose the salad on banks, scooping the sauce with pepper. When the edges remain 1 cm, press the salad with a fork to release excess air, topped up to the brim with the sauce and seal them immediately. THERE IS AN IMPORTANT POINT! The salad should be bottled on the banks to the brim, so we prevent air from entering the jar. Banks turn upside down (at the same time check the presence of air in the banks) and leave to cool. COVER (WRAP) BANKS NO NEED!
Lecho this recipe turns out very tasty, moderately sweet, pepper not overcooked, with easy hrustenko. And most importantly, that sauce this recipe turns out the perfect amount, ie you will not be in excess of (I had to taste Lecho, where the bowl sauce mnooogo, direct liquid one and a dozen peppercorns), then everything in moderation, no excess fluid!
This recipe comes in 5 litre cans (but then again, it all depends on juiciness of tomatoes and peppers).
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