Ginger brew
Drink the summer than the winter, but we drink it with pleasure all year round. The amount of ingredients listed to make five liters.


  • Ginger

    70 g

  • Sugar

    0.75 cup

  • Yeast

    1 tsp

  • Lemon

    1 piece


To prepare this wonderful drink we need: ginger, lemon, sugar and active yeast. What active you will see on snimkah
Cut small pieces of ginger and lemon.
Grind all together in blender, but not quite finely. If there is no blender the ginger, you can grate on a coarse grater, and the lemon slice.
Pour all in a container under our drink (I got 5 litres) and there add 3/4 Cup sugar. Z
Add one teaspoon here of such active yeast. They can be diluted in a glass of water, but can not breed.
Fill with room temperature water and put three days in a warm place.
After three days, strain, bottle, in each of the bottles we throw in a few raisins and put in a cool place to drink zagazirovanie. That's all, after three days you can drink.
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