Cake cream puff
Another my passion for puff pastry cakes, Oh, love – I can not ))) astropulse was a Huge cake, with lots of the finest cakes that do not contain a single gram of oil, as well as in the cream, and the result is a delicate, soft, creamy velvet cake. Tastes like soft profiteroles with ice-cream, well, very tasty, and blotches strawberries really complement the sweetness is not cloying and interspersed with pleasant acidity and aroma. This time, the cake will have to spend a lot, but the challenges will be, I promise. Their experiment was very satisfied, I will repeat more than once.


  • Cream

    350 ml

  • Sugar

    325 g

  • Salt

    0.5 tsp

  • Flour

    5 cup

  • Chicken egg

    3 piece

  • Condensed milk

    400 g

  • Milk

    800 ml

  • Vanilla

  • Cheese

    300 g

  • Strawberry

    450 g

  • Lemon juice

    1 Tbsp


Pre-cook the condensed milk for 2-2. 5 hours, it is better for a couple days. Talking from bitter experience, when, one day, cook condensed milk for 3 hours, opened, and there the consistency of the milk is not changed, only the color was slightly white, so believe the inscriptions in the composition, which includes milk and sugar... miracles, and only. This time I was lucky and got natural, cooked milk is better than nowhere ))) Once cooked buy I don't like the taste concentrated, a lot of amplifiers, texture is clearly far from true, and only she is not very appetizing )) For any layer cake takes a long time, it's no secret, this cake is no exception, but believe me, it's worth it, especially for a long time - it is not so difficult, the dough is very nice work, great effort is not required, the cream is more easier to do. Especially timing on the cake, really, anything else I studied in parallel, started at 6 PM, finished the Assembly at 9.15 PM. I'm in a hurry, I was doing nothing ))) so, let's begin.
I have a glass - 200 ml 4 cups flour sift. Flour may need more, but better to pour sweat or when rolling out. Beat egg with sugar.
Sivky up to very warm, almost hot. Stick your finger into the cream - it should be warm, even very warm, a little more and will be hot ))) Wanted to measure the temperature, I now have a thermometer, but get used to it had not yet forgot, focused on that hot cream when mixed with cold egg and sugar remains to be well warm ))) Then, still whisking the egg with sugar, add salt and slowly pour in the hot cream. Beat mass until then, until the sugar is completely dissolved.
Then immediately add 4 cups sifted flour, knead the dough: the dough consistency should be soft, stringy and will stick to hands. If very liquid, add another half Cup of flour, but a lot of pour is not necessary when the dough stand up and cools down, it thickens. Leave the dough in the Cup, without a Cup of hot shape does not hold and will spread, cover with plastic wrap, with a towel and leave for an hour, can be longer, but at least an hour must lie down.
While the dough is brewing, time in vain do not lose, and make the cream. 800 ml of milk, put on fire and heated till hot, also prepare a water bath in advance, where we cook the cream. 2 eggs, beat with 125 g of sugar in the white mass, add 2 tablespoons of flour (with a small hill), then, without stopping to whisk, pour a thin stream of hot milk. Add the vanilla and put the cream in a water bath. With constant stirring slushaem cream to the point where it will drain from the spoon plump stream, the consistency of both low-fat sour cream. I have to brew the cream, took about 20 minutes, I repeat, I am not in a hurry and, just to make sure the cream is not curled, the water under it was boiling, not rapidly. Then a Cup of cream I put into a basin of cold water and stirring with a whisk every 5-10 minutes. In the bowl of water cools down faster, but to not zavetrilos.
Separately, mix 300 g of cottage cheese and boiled condensed milk with a blender to avoid lumps, into a homogeneous mass, add 1 tbsp of lemon juice, stir and remove to refrigerator.
Well, that was approximately 40-60 minutes, you can do with cakes. Preheat the oven to 180-200 ° C. Now the most important thing, you need to decide what diameter the cake will be, and this determines the diameter of the smooth deep pot in which to brew the cake ))) I Have found suitable for enameled Cup with high sides, you can use a flat pan, as long as the sides were high. The diameter of the cakes should be literally 0.5-1 cm less than the capacity in which you plan to infuse the cake. I have the diameter of the cakes was 22 cm, 23 cm die will require food wrap or a hefty bag, which I have used. Pave the inside so that the ends hung down, which then you can get the cake. So back to our bar... the cakes))) the Cutting surface, sprinkle with flour, put the dough on it, lightly roll in flour to keep it from sticking, and it will be sticky, so it should be. Divide the dough into 12 equal pieces, if the diameter is larger, pieces less, and Vice versa, although less do not recommend tortise without this healthy, it's tower.
I baked it in a pan with non-stick coating, but you can on a baking sheet, pre-lay a paper for baking. One of smetacek dough roll into a ball, replusive and roll out into a thin-pretence cake, which shone with happiness ))) the remaining balls to cover with a towel from drying. When rolling, if the dough is sticky, sprinkle with flour table, the hands, the rolling pin, the crust, in General, anything does not stick )) raw clip to the desired diameter. Trim the dough from the crusts to throw out, and fry more until Golden brown, cool and grind into crumbs, which sprinkle the cake.
The cakes are baked quickly, in just 3 minutes, plus or minus, only the first a little longer than the others. Time - while rolling out the crust, cut here and there another minute and it's time to get that one in the oven ))) oven until lightly Golden, do not overdry. Cakes cool on a wire rack or cloth immediately after baking they are soft, but just a minute they will harden, so much so that seem stone )))
The berries or fruits you can use any of your choice but preferably with a slightly sour taste, strawberry is just perfect creamy taste of the cake. Strawberry garden, but frozen, came in handy, aroma has and just to keep do not have ))) 15-20 minutes before Assembly I got frozen berries, so she slightly moved, but not unfreeze. Structure it is loose and frozen to cut easily. To cut the berries. Berry has not released specifically to not give juice because better melt into the cake - this will be an additional berry impregnation and acidity, very well.
While the cakes baked, the custard is cold. Mix the custard and cream cheese until smooth. The cream turns watery. About as sour cream, the thick and should not be.
On fluff crust, put the second cake, cream, distribute 1/4 of the berries, then put 3 Korzh generously of their promazyvaya cream, berries again, then 2 more layers of berries and the last of the berries even after 3 layers, there are still 2 layers on top. The top layer of the cake to GREASE cream!
Let the cream ooze from the cakes, it's not scary, quite the contrary, as it should be, it means that the cream is sufficient, and then, he had nowhere to run, around the dense environment of film form ))) When the design is complete, do not worry, turns out just a big tower from which the hair stand on end... ))) all this action leave in such indecent view of the hour on the table. During this time, the layers slightly soaked, will become softer and cease to crawl each other.
Built some cargo, about 1.5 kg. Now take the hanging ends of the bag, pulling them together on the top layer, it would be a bag with the cake ))) is placed on top of a flat plate, on the plate load and in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours. The cake settles for approximately 2-2. 5 times, so he will be a man, i.e. a decent size cake ))) the gap in the pot is needed to grow a little cake, cakes soaked and swell slightly, but the clearance should not be great to stemming the cream from under the cakes not the whole stack down, and uniform over the entire height of the cake.
After a night in the fridge the cake to get rid of the film and put it on a plate, which will bring the cake to mind.
Cream I didn't have a single gram, so for the top crust I melted about 40 grams of white chocolate 1 tbsp cream and 2 tbsp sour cream in a water bath, cooled slightly, the cream has thickened and poured on top. The sides and top covered with crumbs from scraps of dough. Well, that's all, ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served, wash your hands ...)))
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