Spanish garlic mayonnaise
The victorious March of the mayonnaise sauce on the planet has already reached the highest point of insanity – according to rumors, some places it is already used not only as a lubricant of persons with different sexual orientation, but also in the remote taiga villages, they syringes trunnion crosses. The simplicity and cheapness of preparation has led to the fact that of real mayonnaise in the sale, but there is something remotely similar to it. This problem occurs not only at once one sixth of the land but also around the globe. However, in the Iberian Peninsula until the consumer rock the boat, kicks and tries to prepare this sauce at home. If to be completely precise, one of its varieties – garlic mayonnaise – alioli or ALLIOLI.


  • Vegetable oil

    200 ml

  • Garlic

    2 tooth

  • Chicken egg

    1 piece

  • Salt

    1 g


In Spain there is a tradition when you order in a restaurant for my lunch, the first thing you will bring some drinks (that you won't get bored to wait for the order) and some simple snacks (not so hungry). So in the North of Spain is likely to be the pan con tomato (pan con tomate) – bread with tomato. This grilled slices of bread flavored with freshly grated tomato and a couple of drops of olive oil. But South of it will pan (bread) and alioli (pan y alioli). Ie all the same grilled toast and a bowl of garlic mayonnaise. If to be completely precise, the classic alioli is still not the mayonnaise, because it contains no eggs. Only olive oil, garlic and salt. However, the classic alioli is very dreary – you need to grind in a stone mortar the garlic, adding a drop of oil and so could not less than an hour to obtain a glass of sauce. Of course, few people bother hemorrhoids, so now even in expensive restaurants often alioli cooked with egg, whisking it in a blender, literally for 40-60 seconds. Peel the garlic and cut into small pieces so the blender was easier to work with.
Send chopped garlic in the blender, add the egg and immediately a pinch of salt.
Then pour the refined olive oil. You can use sunflower, but the taste will be different. Do not use Unrefined – because unrefined olive will be very bitter, and sunflower will take the taste of this sauce at all unimaginable given and will not close like a real alioli.
And then begins the work of the blender. Here too not all is simple. First of all, necessary to cover the impeller of the blender the egg and "squeeze" it to the bottom of the glass. And only after that to include. To wait until from under the impeller not spread light cream emulsion. Attention!!! If you immediately from the first moment will actively soorudit impeller and the egg will come from a lot of oil, then most likely, you'll never whipped. To detach the impeller of the blender from the bottom only after it has already formed emulsion
And it should be done gently to allow the oil to under the impeller sucks in small portions. In General, if I failed to clearly explain – you can watch the video:
The more oil in this sauce – the thicker it is. I'm usually doing at the rate of 200ml per one egg.
This is a very tasty sauce. He perfectly kept in the fridge – a week exactly.
Of course, the industrial periods of storage it is far, but industrial and therefore lie in the refrigerator for months without any signs of delamination or prothane that they are mixed tons of different thickeners, stabilizers, preservatives. If you in the home, too in bulk starch and potassium sorbate – and it will be stored for a long time – but it is necessary to you? The taste will be spoiled -- Used by the Spaniards as well as mayonnaise. It is very garlicky and bright. Try it! You will like it!
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