Orange brew
This is my first experience of making kvass and I'm happy with the result. Brew with a strong orange flavor. That brew was so bright in yellow, can not do without a juicer.


  • Orange

    1 kg

  • Yeast

    15 g

  • Sugar

    300 g

  • Lemon juice

    2 Tbsp


With one orange slicer to remove the zest. Boil for 1 minute zest in 2 cups of water. Zest removed and discarded. The resulting broth pour into a 3-liter jar.
Clean the oranges and squeeze the juice using a juicer. I got about 800 ml. juice with pulp. I strained the juice through a thin cotton cloth.
Dissolve yeast in 50 ml. of warm water, add 1 tsp of sugar.
3-liter jar pour the juice, the yeast, add the warm boiled water enough to a little bit not reached to the brim. Add the lemon juice and sugar, stir to dissolve the sugar.
Put on a medical glove jar and leave the jar at room temperature for a day. Then remove the glove to pour the brew into a clean jar and put in refrigerator to cool. Since we have very hot, I can was less than a day. At night put, and in the afternoon put it in the fridge.
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