I'm sure you and I can stay on "Cook" after midnight. And in the morning-no one has repealed the work of the awakened child requires Breakfast husband. To cheer up, to fill the morning with positive energy will help this drink. Delicious, simple and affordable!


  • Grapefruit

    1 piece

  • Banana

    1 piece

  • Pineapple

    100 g


My krasotulechka juicer Scarlett is a very smart girl squeezes the juice from the grapefruit in less than a minute! The most important thing to clean, lay the quarters (Yes, there is such a wide neckline that can be easily located quarter of a large grapefruit), choose the program of CITRUS and a few seconds to shake from the container walls. The juice of grapefruit is in the glass!
Banana and pineapple puree them in a blender...
Mix grapefruit juice with banana-pineapple smoothie.
Pour into a glass and let the whole world wait!!! All a pleasant appetite!!!
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