Fragrant fried rice
The recipe told me the Azerbaijani Vusal and called it "fried rice"... "Risotto" seemed strange to me, but the simple and fast execution, I dare to cook it, and was not disappointed! "Hoisted" on a dish your family and friends, maybe you'll like it ;) Helps out a prescription when a post, or just need to quickly organize a hearty hot dish for guests or hungry households, when the time or energy to cook complicated meals is not, as now, when a lot of preparations for Easter.


  • Figure

    200 g

  • Vermicelli

    120 g

  • Soy sauce

    3 Tbsp

  • Garlic

    3 tooth

  • Water

    500 ml

  • Vegetable oil

    4 Tbsp

  • Greens


Need at least products, rice, vermicelli, garlic, vegetable oil, soy sauce Kikkoman, and I also like to add some dried herbs (herbes de Provence, parsley, Basil, your choice). Rice and vermicelli, on the advice Vocaly, I took the same volume, I measured out a glass of 200 ml, but on the scale I'd hoped, so I'll give the ingredients in grams.
In the cauldron or thick-walled deep pan, pour dry rice, noodles and add the vegetable oil, the fire to maximum power and fry our ingredients, stirring constantly, to move away from the plate is not necessary, it will take a little time: 4-5 minutes.
The rice should turn white, and vermicelli to acquire a caramel color. Once that happens, turn down the heat.
Add into the cauldron garlic, greens, soy sauce Kikkoman to taste. Garlic I just finely chop. Herbs dried or fresh, what is available.
Carefully pour the water and add the fire to the contents of the cauldron began to boil. I pour the cold water, the cauldron and its contents are quite hot, so water boils quickly, but you can pour hot, if possible.
As soon as signs of boiling, cover, turn down the gas fire on the stove to a minimum. I cover the top cover with a towel to hold the steam, takes 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes, turn off the heat on the stove and wait for another 10 minutes (if you can not wait, it can be 7 :) ). After that open the lid, stir fragrant rice and served to the table
The dish is quite self-sufficient, but it can serve as a side dish. Fast days are served with fresh vegetables or pickles. Any other day is perfect with fish or meat.
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